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HOMEPAGE (Intro & Production Notes)

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These lyrics can be moved around using cut and paste and can be printed out. Please 
consider using recycled paper if you print them. For teachers, it's recommended
that when you are using this music in the classroom that you put these lyrics up on a
projector while the music plays so the kids who are visual learners can follow along. The
physical CD comes in 100% recycled paper and uses 100% recycled plastic soda
bottles to hold the CD. The packaging was also printed with soy ink.


All lyrics written and performed by Tha Truth (2011-2013)
All tracks recorded in Blackwood, NJ at Blackwood Recording (
All tracks mixed & engineered by Jamie Myerson and Tha Truth
Art/Design by: Frank Zampino, Tha Truth, & Amber of Rokon Productions

Open Minded Intro produced by Tha Truth
Change the Future produced by CFM *additional drums in the hook played by Tha Truth
Do You Believe in Facts & Apathy produced by Relentless
Human Rights produced by Tim & Ray Patsch aka K & A Mobb
I Tell These Jokes produced by Levante *additional drums in the hook played by Tha Truth
The American Myth produced by Narco Productionz additional vocals by G. Carlin & T.O.
Critical Thinking produced by Relentless (additional vocals by Donald King)
One Human Family produced by CFM (additional vocals by Why)
Todos Somos Iquales produced by Tha Truth ("huh" sound & drums by Tha Truth)
Peace, Love, & Justice produced by Relentless (lyrics written & performed by Why)
No Frackin Way produced by Tha Truth *all drums played by Tha Truth
Textbook Lies produced by CFM (addt'l vocals by Matt Damon)
Worker's Rights produced by Kolano (additional lyrics written & performed by T.O. aka Kalki)
Why Do They Lie produced by Bobby Beats *orchestral colossal drums played by Tha Truth
Let's All Blame the Victim produced by Tha Truth
If Dr. King was Here Today produced by Tha Truth *berimbau instrument played by Tha Truth
In Their Shoes produced by CFM *addt'l drums played by Truth (addt'l vocals by Christina Lopez)
Democracy Sounds Like produced by Relentless *additional drums in hook played by Tha Truth
Positive Energy produced by Relentless *additional drums by Truth (addt'l vocals by Why)
War Vets produced by CFM *drums by Truth (addt'l vocals by various U.S. military veterans)
Solutions Part II produced by CFM (additional vocals by D. King)

Production Notes

Before and during the process of writing this album I studied psychology and how it
relates to social change and activism. I was inspired by the book Change of Heart:
Psychology and Social Change and the book Lies My Teacher Told Me. I had a
dream one night before recording any of the music that I could play the drums so well that
people (including me) were mesmerized. One night at the studio I was making drum
sound patterns with my mouth to a beat we were working on and Jamie, the studio
engineer who has been a professional musician for over 20 years said, "The next level
of your talent is here - the drummer!" The dream came true and I ended up playing
live drums on more than half the tracks on this album, even though I had never played
an instrument in my life up until this album! I also played Brazilian Capoeria music on
two tracks by playing the berimbau instrument. I never knew it before, but I found out
during recording the project that my mom was Philadelphia All-City Orchestra in high
school. In the past, I just did the vocals/lyrics and relied on producers to arrange the
music, but in addition to the above, on this album I produced 5 of the tracks entirely.
It was a magical and exciting process putting Music for a Better World together! I hope
that it has something special for everyone from 8-80. As always, if you want to drop 
me any feedback just email me at

Production Details

Open Minded Intro - I no longer understand people who discriminate against forms of
music. I listen to all types of music. If you think you don't like a certain kind of music,
it probably just means you haven't heard a song you like of that genre yet. I got tired of
hearing people approach hip hop music with a closed mind too when it is just
meaningful poetry when done well. This was in part to explain that mainstream hip hop is
not what all hip hop is, and to explain that much music transcends boundaries and labels
just as equality and justice and important lyrical content does. Genres on this album
include reggae, calypso, Spanish music, capoeria (Brazilian), rock, hip hop, jazz, funk,
and more, and I wanted to introduce the fact that this album is world music, which is a
genre that incorporates these inclusive musical ideas.

Change the World - I played the drums on the hooks. This was the first track I ever
played the drums (or any instrument on) and I'll never forget that.

Do You Believe in Facts - I wrote this during the huge earthquake that hit the east coast
in summer 2011. I ran out of the house because my ceiling fan was shaking wildly and I
thought it might come down. I then came back in and finished the song. I couldn't stop
singing the hook once I crafted it. I learned from the Change of Heart book that stories
can be more effective than stats in moving people, so instead of relaying numerous stats
I made an effort to do more story telling on this album. My voice doesn't often sound
like this but sometimes when I get a little hoarse and/or energetic it does, and I felt
this vocal tone fit this track like a glove. I am especially proud of the way it comes
across on the hook! Our voices are instruments and can be played in different ways
and this is how I approach music. It's just about making the best sounding music possible
and how your voice fits with each piece of music.

Apathy - This one was partially inspired by the Superheroes documentary, which is an
excellent and inspiring film. Another concept of psychology is that people want to feel
like they can do something about problems and not just get down about them. This is
why I made the effort to keep mentioning that many heroic people are working to help
make the world better and you can find them and get involved if you wish at my website.
Also, in the digital age, if you don't have a CD in front of you to look at, it's not as easy
to list resources for people so I thought this would be an effective way to accomplish this.

Human Rights - Two guys I performed with many times at the Philadelphia May Day
commemoration at Elmwood Park (where the labor monument is) named Tim and Ray
Patsch made this beat as part of their song Colors, which is an excellent political song.
I was always mesmerized by the beat and it was great to use it on this track. I was also
proud of my folk style singing at the end.

I Tell These Jokes - I love to laugh and have fun and I would think most people do.
Especially when dealing with really important and serious issues, it's important to have
balance in our lives. I was proud to liven up the hooks with some of my own drumming.
I was laughing writing this track and I hope it makes people laugh and smile. It was a lot
of fun singing the hook and also hearing Jamie Myerson, the studio engineer, crack up at
the humorous content while I was recording it!

Critical Thinking - I have always loved my friend Don King's voice, especially because
of the wisdom accompanying it. He has been a supporter of my music since my first
album, and it was great to get him on this project! He was so busy that it was a real
challenge to get him into the studio. He made it at the last second before production was
wrapped. Ironically, when he got out of his car, the first thing I saw were the words "I
MADE IT!" in huge letters on his back! He didn't even realize this. It was a UPS shirt
but it was crazy to see that! Don loves reggae music, and so do I, and it was great to
get some reggae/dancehall style music on to this album.

One Human Family - Isn't it funny how we discriminate when we all come from the
same source and we're all the same species just from different environments? On every
album I've addressed our "oneness" as humans. The idea is for us not to act like racism
doesn't exist, but rather to combat that by bringing us together in solidarity to fight for
ALL of our rights and to fight division, which breeds discrimination.

Todos Somos Iguales - I was excited to release my first song completely in Spanish!
I was also excited to produce this entire beat, including the "huh" sound in the hook
which was me!

Peace, Love, & Justice - I have been working with the "artivist" (artist/activist) Why since
my first album. She has contributed to songs before and even helped inspire some of
the concepts! However, this was the first song she ever wrote! She came in the studio
and danced in the dimly lit vocal booth like it was a nightclub! It was incredibly fun! We
also managed to sound like 15 people somehow with just our two voices! It was good
to infuse the electronic/trance/techno genre into the project on this one.

No Fracking Way - In the future they may change the name of this act or they might
change methods, but it won't change the solutions I mentioned, which are solar power,
geothermal and wind energy! I am proud to say that I composed this entire track myself
and set a possible lyrical alliteration record with 15 words in a row that started with the
letter F! I actually recorded this song on a different beat at first but when I heard the lyrics
on this track, I had to go with this version! It is exciting to me now to be not just a hip hop
artist but a singer, a musician who plays instruments, and a producer!

TextBook Lies - This was inspired by the book Why gave me called Lies My Teacher
Told Me. As with above, I originally recorded this on a different beat. I felt it was really
good but not great but when I came across this beat, I felt it really elevated the song to
new heights! This track incorporates Jazz & funk into this musical mix.

Worker's Rights - Another of my many collaborations with one of my favorite artists
T.O. aka Kalki. We have been doing tracks together since my first album in 2006. He
is in Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. I loved especially how we went back and forth
quickly on the end of the track. This song brings some classical violin into the picture.
The beat was produced by Kolano, who is from Poland. He made the track originally
for a song T.O. did where he rapped completely in French (T.O's first language), which
is amazing when you hear how great he raps in English.

Why Do They Lie - This track took me longer to record than any other track I've ever
done. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't sounding as powerful as it did in my mind, and I
kept trying different techniques to bring it to where I thought it needed to be. Finally, after
many hours I realized that the colossal orchestral drums were what I needed! You can
hear me playing them throughout the song. Another of the psychological techniques that I
studied that move people is repetition. This is why on this album I attempted to make my
hooks more simple and repetitive (also to make them more memorable). This track was
inspired by the Lies My Teacher Told Me book as well. There was too much
inspiration in that book for one song, so really this is Textbook Lies Part II but with this
hook I thought it made more sense to give it this title.

Let's All Blame the Victim - Another beat I am proud to have produced, this track is
centered around the psychological tenants of the human tendency to blame the victim,
and the societal reinforcement that this is the correct response to our social ills. In
particular the just world hypothesis, as I described in these lyrics, says that the world
is good and if something bad is happening than we want to believe it must be because
that person deserves it. However, of course, this is insane! On this project I also sought
to try and not go over the average person's head. At times on my previous albums I
feel sometimes that half of it would only be understood by highly educated people and/or
activists. I see politicians talk to people in a more simple way. I realized that in order to
reach more people with the message that I needed to make it more easy to understand
and less academic in terms of vocabulary. This is also part of my desire to have people
from 8 years of age to 80 understand and enjoy this music and message. Sarcasm can
also be effective and obviously that is in full effect on this one!

If Dr. King was Here Today Part II - Part I was on my previous album. This was the
first track I ever played the berimbau on. I also played it as part of the skit on the end of
the No Frackin' song. This is another track I am happy to say that I produced.

In Their Shoes - Getting people to put themselves in the shoes of people struggling was
another huge concept of my studying of psychology and social change. The simple way
of describing the concept in the intro was to explain it for people of any age and any level
of education in a way anyone could understand. I met Christina Lopez, who is on the skit
at the end, in Philly a few years prior to this album, and she was very excited about my music.

What Democracy Sounds Like - This hook was sampled from my prior album. I felt the
vocal I did sounded so amazing and somehow sounded like 5 or 10 people and that it
should be used for something else, and this was the result. I did this song on two different
beats and felt that both worked well! This was actually written just a year or so after my
prior album way before I had an idea that I would even create another. The skit on the end
captures what it's like when Don and I start talking over the years.

War Vets Speak - On previous albums I talked about what they don't tell us about being
in the military, the ugly side. On this album I decided, hey, don't believe me, take it from
those who were actually in the military. I played the drums on the end of this one as well.

Solutions Part II - Part I was on my 2nd album Tha Civil Rights Movement Part II. There
is so much we can do to try and make the world better, and this track lists many ideas of
how to do something. It was good to get another reggae/dancehall track on here and it
was fitting that Don closed out the album since he came in so late to do his part (but hey
better late than never right?) I try to see the positive in every situation now. Sometimes
in a bad situation it's just that we can be proud to try and do something good in the world
to try and balance things out and make things better for someone. This song was a way
to end the album on a positive note and hopefully to inspire listeners to do something
to help make this world better, which is the primary purpose of this project.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Open Minded Intro

This is for people of all ages. You're about to hear all types of music.
all kinds of instruments...singing... hip hop... and hip hop is just poetry
rhythmic poetry. Don't be afraid of poetry... that's what Dr. Seuss
was doing... Cat in the Hat and all that. This is music without borders
and music is music... rhythm... instruments... all music's the same really
If you think about it... So open your mind... though I have a feeling if
you picked up this album, your mind is already open and you see
more than the average person can see... understand more than the
average person can understand...Music for a Better World... listen...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Change The Future

People wanna conform it's human nature - old ways of behavior toward gays was to 
become a hater - before the 60's they placed gays in crazy places of danger - getting
shock therapy in (mental) institutions - the solution was the Stonewall Revolution in NY
the first time - the first pride - gays fought back on one side for peace against attacks by
police - in the streets it's still something we say - may the fetus you save though grow
up to be gay - before the 70's gay was a mental illness classified - now we have prides
we've seen marriage legalized - if you're a mad one against gay marriage than don't
have one - ones with a ton of hate that got something to say - people was born this
way but someone you love is gay and hate like yours make 'em stay in the closet today
it's a cancer - love's the answer don't be a bystander - stand on the side of love - rise
above (echo) the hate need to cease - we need to fight the death penalty for gays in
the middle east - these freaks stupid beyond belief - if you comfortable with who you
are and who you wanna be with - it doesn't matter who others wanna love and wanna
sleep with - see this it's really not hard to agree with

HOOK: Say Change The World - Say Change The Future

Human beings act like we so evolved it needs to stop we kill each other over diamonds
like "Me want shiny rock. Me want gold. Me kill you. Me want many shiny thing. Me
man - you woman - we make baby and buy many thing [Cave Man Voice]." We not
using our brains we been given - living in a world of sadness - we got money to bomb
countries - the poor get left hungry it's madness - status quo gotta go - the most
important thing you can do is change the world that you know - imagine if you were
born in a place the U.S. was attacking - civilians and babies getting killed - man it
happens - or a place where your brother and sister they would swear - they tired of
sewing clothes for 90 hours but no one cares - we don't get to control to who we're
born or where but we can learn to control how we think and if it's fair - we can be the
typical idiot and not question things a little bit or we can see through the problems they
try to hide and get rid of it - they say they got a problem with people preaching in they
songs - we got a problem with you believing life's all good and nothing's wrong - I
pledge allegiance to make the world much better in every song

In schools I hate how they act like gays don't exist - I wanted to quit rapping
ignorance made me persist - we live in this idiocracy - where people think that voting
against their own interests is democracy - the atrocity of the right wing is so nice
blowing up abortion doctors then saying they pro life - they like not taking they own
advice - the government don't want you to get it - they don't want you to question but
it's true you can change and move the whole world's direction - to abet it I set in my
website in sections - groups so you can check it - info so you could get it - groups
that's respected - get involved - many problems that together we can solve with
solutions- to get a better future - it's true we got obstacles but like Che in Cuba
a few proved it's not impossible - not everything that they did was popular but they're
less about the dollar and more about kids getting free college educations - success
ain't money it's us saying that we changed the nation - creating a better world situation

Friday, December 13, 2013

Do You Believe in Facts?

Let me tell you the story of Bradley Manning (this was recorded before Chelsea) 
he revealed the truth of how our government is scamming - only like 22 with troops
in Afghanistan and he saw people getting killed and he didn't understand it - it was
civilians - for no reason U.S. troops started killing 'em - Bradley told the truth 
to lie he wasn't no willing one - for that they made 'em live in a prison - in the system
(I) guess they want the truth hidden - (with) no truth for you to live in - ask a politician
how it makes sense that high school drop out rates is like 70% in some cities like I live
in - then watch 'em go and blame the victim - it's sickening - now it's time for you decide
realize - the real live prison for your mind - open your eyes or reside in the lies or do
you wanna help people have better lives? it divides into truth or money - you decide

Do you believe in facts I got? Do you believe lies?
Do you really believe everything that they say? Come on and pick a side

We don't pay to call the police or the fire department but when adults get sick or hurt
that's when they wanna start charging but healthcare is free in Canada and Netherlands
you think people like me are crazy 'cause we wanna see a better land? what if you got
sick and couldn't work your position? would you wanna sell your house to pay for your
prescription? it happened to a man in his 60's who was driven to rob a bank for $1 so
he'd get sent to prison - he couldn't afford healthcare - in prison (you) get it free there
Richard Verone - North Carolina - he had arthritis and a tumor - you think the world's
messed up or you guess it's just a rumor? no weapon in the set up - sitting politely
waiting for the police to come and get 'em - in jail (for) free doctors checked 'em - the
U.S. don't want weapons for Iran to have any - how 'bout we let weapons inspectors
into Montana - it's so many - you feel empty when you lie? the truth is the better side

It's a shame - the government can throw you out from where you came - it's called
eminent domain - I seen it happen not a game - my grandmother lived in the same place
for 50 years - they destroyed her neighborhood despite many of her tears - they did it
to build a school - cold hearted government rule - to build on land where people stand
takes me back to Columbus' scam and the school wasn't even used - they cancelled
the plans but grams still had to move - they say join the military but since 2005 every
36 hours 27 vets choose suicide - still we say we can still change the world today and
the first day of May is the real labor day - unions the folks who didn't want us to be
slaves - had to fight bosses for weekends and 8 hour workdays - they lie saying
terrorism fear it you can die but the chances of that are so small there's no measurement
to find - realize you're twice more likely to die from suicide than homicide and the
number one killer's heart disease from food we provide - like I said pick a side
you for facts or the lies? cash or having better lives?

human rights fighters some immigrants who arrived - they didn't ask where you
were from they asked you to pick a side (money or human rights?)

Can you say T-H-A? Tha Truth

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Apathy? Who Cares?

INTRO (D. King) You are now listening to Tha Truth

What's the point of gettin out the 'hood with sports or rap - going back seeing your
friends in jail, dead, or on crack - it's that constructive criticism I unleash - though
they say only god can judge me not no person on the street - saying don't judge
others that you meet when you speak - I speak with love - don't judge - I critique
corrupt governments and police - up to us find peace - up to us rise above - find
ideas to try and seek - like homeless people - they don't really need the food we give
'em - what the homeless really need is some freaking homes to live in - Carlin had
some vision - a plan you can understand the mission to take wastes of land
where golf courses is sitting and use it for the homeless so they can have homes
arisen - it's too much apathy - that means people only care if them and their family's
living happily - it's sad to see - we actually don't know that we're one human family
it's profound - we're all African 'cause Africa's where the first man was found
we have the same background - rewind that back again - all racists are African
no matter the color or their faces we're all one race that's African - Boyz N the Hood
was a movie in the beginning that said like I would - like you could

I see apathy is everywhere who is gonna care (x3)
One day it could be you who needs help from who cares

It's hypocrites saying they don't dig hip hop's rhythms - they don't listen judging me
'cause of privilege and ageism - able-ism - heterosexism - look up the definition
this system pits neighbors in competition - I got a vision of making a difference and
sharing what we're given - it's something missing living with capitalism - bosses fire
as many workers as they can and get rid of 'em - they'd rather use machines then
pay people so they can buy what they need - we believe people shouldn't be
rewarded for having greed - what's that mean? that means money should never
come before meeting human needs - being rich doesn't impress me - you see it's
nothing special - it's impressive to help the poor live on a better level - bosses
paying minimum wage - acting like we slaves - we say how 'bout we enact them a
maximum wage - 'cause in the richest country in the world we got to many poor
people - a few people with too much we can't trust to treat us equal 'cause
under Republicans man exploits man - under Democrats it's the opposite scam
rewind that line two times to understand (oh you flipped it!)

They say heroes are crazy just for doing something nice - the crazy ones do
nothing it ain't right - we superheroes in real life - the world's so evil we got
real life superheroes in the night - watch the (Superheroes) documentary - you
might join the fight - I wrote this verse in my rhyme quoting Albert Einstein - it
was a crime in '64 when Kitty Genovese died - stabbed to death - bystander
effect - when people heard 'em screaming it was a mess - instead of doing
something they did nothing - 38 witnesses on the scene in Queens - in New York
she was raped before she died by the thief - outside at 3 - late - she was only 28
10 years later same building Sandra Zahler faced a villain - just like Kitty they heard
her screaming - didn't try to stop the killing - it could be you, your cousin, your
sister or your mother - do something - put yourself in the shoes of another
no doubt - there's a hero in you - let it out

People see someone in trouble - often ignoring it like they in a bubble - if you see a
person - something bad's gonna happen - gotta help, gotta help, gotta help
help and take action! that's the reaction we would want if we needed help without
asking - can't bypass a person in trouble and just pass 'em  - treat others
the way you want to be treated with a passion

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Human Rights

Liveable wages initiated so every person has the basics - every worker compensated
no more facing mass starvation and starting maximum wages 'cause these bosses pay
these wages like a path of enslavement so they can make the payments - mansions
and cars is plantations - no more prisons only visions of places giving real rehabilitation
to anyone that needs help in any given situation - we say no prohibition 'cause we pro
legalization - pro bono - pro the basics - pro mandatory classes in pro human relations
pro mutual aid trading - pro seeing ever person with clean water sanitation - you pro
that or pro hatred? battle's raging - human rights against self gratification - if you don't
understand that line - understand that your school gave you no real education - 'cause
there's nothing more important than improving human relations - guaranteeing human
rights is in placement with no more rich and poor situation

We want jobs, food, and homes for all (repeats)
We ain't never gonna stop 'cause we always gonna call for

Medicare for all - that means no money for medication - no more letting people die
who can't afford a medical evaluation - no more having your home taken 'cause you
saving to make medical payments - it's basic - no more only treating those hurt who
can afford it situation - no more poor people fighting against privatization - that means
not only the rich but all get a college education - no more keeping people packed in
ignorant ways we raised in - no more falling for politicians giving blame the victim
justifications - no more first and third world nation relation exploitation - no more
ignoring the poor's mental activation - no more unjust war taxation - human needs on
top all else it falls on the bottom of the equation - I rap my revelations in raps
wrapped with declarations - we want all torture ended with no hesitation - we want
one love - the Bob Marley rights vibration - we want a world without bosses which
every worker has a say in with these basics we saying

No more acting like we living in a world of individuals - living in this way has its limits
very minimal - like a young sister or brother we all depend on each other - Tha Truth
the human rights lover - truth uncoverer - the tree hugger - but a man the facts always
backing - the best thing you can have in this world is compassion - but don't just talk
but take action - it's not all about you - it's all about you and me - there's a U you need
to see in the concept of commUnity - you got a kid with flat tires - you take their car in
to a mechanic that you hired - here you see where trust is dire - 'cause her life's
dependent on the shop's type of ethics - they could give her tires that's not safe - it's a
disgrace thinking life's about first and second place - we all need to win in the game of
life we placed in - we blame competition - need to embrace cooperation - imagine
everyone not rich joining in unification - working for a mutual elevation which would be
the best result of any human communication - till the end we gonna call again like this
for liberation

'Cause there's nothing more important in the world than human rights (repeats)
We just want our rights (repeats and overlaps with above)

Monday, December 9, 2013

I Tell These Jokes

I don't eat fast food - used to eat it in the past - you want things done right?
most Americans they just want it done fast - that's crap - Taco Bell what
they be putting into that? Taco backwards it spells O - CAT - pass on that
I'm saying try organic food or as your grandparents called it - food! Yo
Truth - don't intrude - I'm in the mood to be smooth - do raps to make ya
laugh - that's how I wanna rap when our problems in the past - man is born
free but can be found in chain stores - selling cheap crap from China
sometimes you get what you paid for - for the hell of it - quick don't think
of an elephant! my rap relevant - intelligent - still love to tell jokes in my
development - you can witness how I wanna have balance in my life like
a gymnast - into fitness - in the midst of this these hypocrites need to stop
protesting then going to McDonald's to eat - you against evil corporations
why support 'em in the street? Do I dream?! Do I know what rhetorical
means?! I put my watch down in the street and then walk a line - one of
the many ways to say I'm way ahead of my time

HOOK: I tell these jokes (repeats)

You gotta love pro football - it's so savage - who wouldn't enjoy watching
juiced up millionaires giving each other brain damage? I'm a little late to tell
ya I can be a little sarcastic - that reminds me of the date - I took a time
management class - I did great - till they threw me out for all the times that
I came late - politicians are stuck to lying like leeches - they don't even trust
themselves to be writing their own speeches - got major skills but they
ignore what I say - I'm slept on like I play in the WNBA - when I say I'm
Jay some people call me Truth anyway - I may plug my albums just a little
bit too much - you gotta rush to get 'em - see I'm stuck what the f**k
I won't mention 'em again - um, well, let's just pretend - I'm cursed - by
listening to this verse - now you're cursed - the only want to lift this curse
is getting my third album and the first - is it over? I feel stuck in time like
I'm on a poster - I'm a joker - have you laughing up and down like a
roller coaster - wait - okay now this is verse is really over (or is it?)

They say it is what it is - obviously - I ignore it - 4 out of 5 voices in my head
they say "go for it!" - I got a portrait I'ma tell it - I got a photographic
memory that has never developed - well 'cause of this I'm a mess - if you
don't pay your exorcist than do you get repossessed? anyway I'd be a
morning person if it didn't start so early in the day - I say from the start
we got enough youth - how 'bout a fountain of smart? understand - I wear
two watches to have more time on my hands - it might seem repetitious
but I thank my lucky stars that I'm not superstitious - I just got skylights
put in my place I could afford this but the people above me now are furious
of course it's a way to get by - I avoid parking tickets by leaving my wipers
turned on high - I just love to have fun - I'm not the silliest rapper but I'm in
the top one - if you try and fail and succeed at it which one have you done?

Tha Truth the lies rival - did you ever notice in the bible that Jesus he seemed
to surround himself with all men? and every prayer ends by saying "Ahhh men"
I do so many rhymes - I bet you a dollar you hear this line - why is a driveway
where we park and a parkway where we drive? times is insane - in fact
people laugh at me because I'm different - I laugh because they all the same
they used to call me "that dude" - I'm now an ice sculptor last night I made a cube
"yo Truth!" - don't intrude - I'm in the mood to be smooth - do raps to make ya
laugh - that's how I wanna rap when our problems in the past